Dinner is Ready! Shot by Marc Baptiste

It was my utmost pleasure to work with iconic photographer www.marcbaptiste.com

His work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Ebony, Elle, Vanity Fair, Esquire and has worked with celebrities such as Barack Obama, Lauryn Hill, Prince Sophia Vergara. His vibrant personality is contagious and the energy he brings to the shoot magnetic!

Photographer: Marc Baptiste

Model: Patti Beck

Hair: Damian Monzilla using Davine’s

Makeup: Deborah Altizio using Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

Styling: Marilia Bertolucci


Beckin voga 2


this one





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Earnest Sewn Look Book

Here’s a sneak peek for Earnest Sewn Look Book

Male Model -Joans Mason @ Ford Models

Female Model- Lauren Spitzer

Photographer- Matthew Sprout

Stylist- Emily Barnes

Hair & Makeup- Deborah Altizio using John Russo lipstick in Oh Marie.


Earnest Sewn

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Fall 2015 Donna Karan Backstage

This season Charlotte Tilbury impressed once again! Creating a look for Donna Karan that was Lauren Bacall inspired. The references were “early Helmut Lang, minimal beauty, arched brow.” Using fling & linguering by MAC, we filled in the brows. Painterly on lids up to the brow and glossed over with eye gloss. Lips were softly lined with boldly bare lip liner and lipstick was taped on.

Here is a pick of my work on Estonian fashion model Katlin Aas.

Katlin AasKaitlin Aas

Julia below another beauty I worked on.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.51.53 PM copy

The fun and excitement of backstage can be euphoric to some and overwhelming to others. I happen to love it because I get to work with such brilliant make up artists like Charlotte Tilbury. You see first hand what the designer’s choices are for the makeup as they help set the trends for the future seasons. Its like looking into a crystal ball. Keeping on top of What’s Hot is an important factor for staying in the game!

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Baldwin Look Book FW 2015

Some backstage pics from Baldwin Denim & Collection FW 2015. http://www.baldwindenim.com

Casting Director: John Tan, Stylist: Emily Barnes, Photographer: Ryan Strong

Hair: Avian King, Model: Alisha Judge, PR: Megan Maguire Steele

Make Up: Deborah Altizio

Having fun with Janessa Leon janessaleone.com Hat Accessories on set!

Alisha Judge sports a Beanie!

Deborah Altizio Makeup Alisha

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Happy New Year

Another year gone by with many amazing moments of makeup, new clients, and unforgettable accomplishments! I want to thank everyone who has supported and believed in me throughout 2014! It was a great year with many changes and enlightening experiences.

Happy New Year with a little Pin Up Girl Style!

Cheers to an Knock out 2015!

Happy New Year

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Donald Faison

This Actor/Comedian known for his role in The Exes, Scrubs & Clueless was so much fun to work with! Here’s a pic from The Meridith Show where they made him a Wheel of Fortune. Such a Charmer, Gotta love him! Grooming By Deborah Altizio for Aim Artists.

Donal Faison donald faison

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Sam Palladio

I had the pleasure of working with this Cutie Pie http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4112253/ for Glamaholic Magazine http://www.glamoholic.com/ Coming out soon! Photographed at the Highline Hotel by Sophie Elgort & styling by John Tan from http://www.visualtalesmagazine.com/ I used  http://www.dermalogica.com/ & Bumble & Bumble on hair. Grooming by Deborah Altizio for Opus Beauty.

Sam Padillio

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Working with Gilles Bensimon

It was Amazing to work with mega-famous photographer Gilles Bensimon.

http://www.artistandagency.com This was a raw pic of the monitor but he captured her eyes and the makeup with such richness. His art direction was precise and knew exactly what he wanted around Vivian’s eyes. www.tomford.com/beautyGilles Bensimon

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LeAnne @ New York Models

Sophie Elgort was the photographer for this shoot with LeAnne from New www.newyorkmodels.com/. Maleficent was the theme and in the shot below she is wearing a dress that Lady Gaga wore by  longtran.co/ . Drew Brando stylist and Art Director. All new products on set from http://www.cledepeaubeaute.com/ and OCC occmakeup.com/ Cosmetics. I custom made the lashes below and trimmed them for actual shot. Here are some quick images that were captured of the day for www.visionariosmagazine.com/.

Leanne Lashes Cle de peau Fur Lashes

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New Editorial

Very Excited to have worked with Stylist Ozzy Shah from London and Lara Jade Photography on this!

Cant wait to this this in print!



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