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Very Excited to have worked with Stylist Ozzy Shah from London and Lara Jade Photography on this!

Cant wait to this this in print!



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Fashion Rocks SS15

I had the pleasure of working this show with Mark Carrasquillo from Art Partner

This was a fun show and very challenging as the makeup had to be changed to a whole new dramatic look in minutes! I work really great under pressure so I nailed this look. My speed technique kicked in so I did very well!

Some of the performers seen here

Mark has a Great sense of humor, maybe that’s why we connected very well! The photo below shows the transition of makeup in 20 Min flat from top look to the bottom look. A Great way to end Fashion Week 2015! Bye until next season~~~~~~~


Jesephine Skriver gets ready to walk the runway.

Fashion Shriver eye fr

The 70’s makeup was a different set of girls with another quick makeup change depicted below. We applied Lashes and then removed them so it wasn’t as difficult as the other change.

look fashion rocks70s

Fashion retro

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Vera Wang SS15

This was an incredible blending job by Lucia Pieroni for Vera Wang. I truly witnessed her blending technique in action and realized why she was at the top of her game. I had a hard time duplicating this one & so did some others on the team. I’m not sure if it was the brushes she was using or just that she is really brilliant with the blending and grasped the designers concept really well. Her reference was a bit Goth with a pill shaped eye & slightly bruised. It should look like a forest Nymph that hasn’t seen the sun. The eyes were created with Cle’ De Peau shadows in 309 & brown mascara all from Cle’ De Peau Cosmetics.

vera wang 1vera wang 2


vera wang girls

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Dona Karan SS15

Some key words Charlotte Tilbury used for us to get the vibe of the makeup-

Handsome Mannequin feel & Contemporary 50’s Cuban feel

Dewy skin on bodies and concealer through the brows. MAC Camel shadow was blended underneath the lash line and Taylor Grey blended seamlessly on the lids. Charlotte had me stay for the Lookbook afterwards and touch up while she ran to catch a flight back to London. xo

photo[14]donna karan hatdonna karan 2donna karan shot

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Edun SS15

The Makeup for Edun was boyish, handsome & fresh. Groundwork shadow by MAC & gel through the brows. Charlotte Tilbury directed the look for the show.

edun girls

Video Of Dress Rehearsal Below

Video-Edunphoto[20]candid edun

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Project Runway Season & Allstars Season 13

It was such a great season of Project Runway & Allstars this year Season 13th. The 2 shows tape at the same time so its starts with early call times with makeup on the models. Then there are special guests we makeup for if needed. Mary Kay Sponsored this season. Its a full day of Make Up Make Up Make UP!!!

Here are some of the special moments from the show. We are like one big family & its always a pleasure to be a part of the production. These are the only photos I can release so far as I signed a confidentiality agreement, more to come!

Lindsey Vonn Special Guest. Make Up by Me. Lindsey was super Cool to work with! We saw videos of how her & Tiger Woods caught live lobsters on their vacation! Very Impressive

lynsey me and lyndsey

My Dear Friend & Key Makeup Artist Scott Partic

My Dear Friend & Key Makeup Artist Scott Partic

A Rainy Day On The Set Of Project Runway

umbrellasPROJECT WATERProject Runway wet

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Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

It was fun working with Dorothy Wang from the show “Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills” Pictured here is Dorothy, Morgan Stewart (Makeup by my friend Ingeborg)  EJ Magic Johnson’s son. I used creme shadows in bronze shades, lashes, and contoured to accentuate her features. They were is town for a press event and we did the makeup at The London Hotel in NYC. Thank You Opus Beauty for calling me in on this one!

Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills






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Project Runway Allstars

Season 13 for Project Runway & Allstars was so much fun and rewarding! This was our group photograph taken by Greg Endries on one of the last days on set. Pictured are Judges & Host- Alyssa Milano, Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman. Somewhere to the right I am giving my pose with Scott Patric the lead Makeup Artist for the show. I will post some of the Celebrity Guest Judges I had the pleasure of working with & backstage Model pics once the program airs.

Project Runway Allstars Season 13  Alyssa Milano, Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman

Project Runway Allstars Season 13 Alyssa Milano, Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman


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Donna Karan FW 2014

Charlotte Tilbury used her Magic Cream to create a fresh luminous futuristic skin and no mascara. MAC liner phone # was applied to the inside of the top water line and lined on top of lashes. Paris Berlin cream shadow on lids and inner corners. Lashes were not curled and moisturizer was added to cheekbones. No emphasis on brows. I was lucky to work on Amanda Welsh & Katlin AAS.


katlin 1 34

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Kenneth Cole FW 2014

Yadim represented by Art Partner was the key for Kenneth Cole and he gave references like “Genevieve from the 90’s”. I had to look that one up and I imagine he was talking about Genevieve Morton. Tough sheered out skin. Around eyes Lipstick Shitake by MAC. Brows groomed and beige pencil inside the eye. There was a multiple use of products for eyes and lips for a monochromatic urban feel. Impressed once again by this artists interpretation of Beauty!

yadim 1

yadim 2

YAdim 3

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